Circus Acts

If you would like to hire magic circus for an event please contact

If you would like to be involved in the performance aspect of magic circus contact

Staged &/or Roaming entertainment


  • small circus/vaudeville show with various props.. (Uni dance – juggling multiprop)
  • short themed musical act?
  • led pixels customizable show… LED unicycle and juggling ball act. LED costume
    (Insert Demo link – Happy birthday pixel set)
  • luau themed fire show with various props.. (average 10-15mins.)
  • meet & greet (Roaming) – stilt walking, juggling, unicycling, hat tricks, balloon twisting.

I offer high tech led prop performances, Unicycle Circus/ vaudeville variety shows, Stilt walking, musical acts, Fire performances, death defying feats like fire and knife juggling and Programmable pixel poi that with enough notice can create a performance with specific text or images!fb_img_15221186421151959068676



As a performer I have the versatility to sync my performance up to any music provide or with some notice I can provide a speaker and musical accompaniment and upon arrival safety parameters will be established.
I’m also always switching gears between performing, teaching, spreading the arts, growing the community and the like as well so feel free to reach out regarding tutorials. unicycle after school programs, or whatever other service you may have that requires my talents.













Circus Enrichment programs


age range

time duration


our classes are divided into several categories..

popcorn & cotton candy machine rental plus photo booth/selfie stage

Concessions & photo opp

Popcorn & Cotton Candy machine rental.

Rental of our 8oz popcorn machine with cart &/or our cotton candy machine with cart comes with Circus background Photo booth setup and various photo props.

Has warmer to keep popcorn fresh, large enough to meet all your parties demands!!

High capacity cotton candy machine can crank out 2 fluffy cones per minute!!Screenshot_20180309-074330

comes with: bags, ingredients, scooper.

8 ounce (no hassle) premixed bags; feeds 7-10 people and ready in minutes!

Our rental price is per hr. our min is, our max is. We do not require cleaning of our machine, nor do we charge a cleaning or delivery fee.

extra popcorn ingredients and add ons available:

Upgrade to LED cotton candy sticks!?

Kettle corn available too!

Many flavors of cotton candy! Lime, Banana, Pina-colada, watermelon, etc..

Organic cotton candy and/or popcorn available upon request as well!!

We highly suggest renting our machine with an attendant. Without an attendant there is a $200 refundable deposit, the machine must be cleaned prior to being returned or a fee will be applied, and we require a minimum rental of 8 hrs.

We also have the option of  (with attendant) – balloon twisting – face painting – bubble & parachute play – Circus workshops – Roaming and staged entertainment (see more below)

Slackline setup (with guideline) – (if setting permit) – stand?

Our balloons are made from 100% natural latex — not plastic. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, and decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your backyard! 

Our face paint is of high stage quality.

balloon archway decor?

FREE customizable printable circus party invitations..