social circus

Bimonthly gatherings @ Tolfston Plaza


Our plan is to orchestrate a bimonthly public event where the community can observe as well as participate in various circus skills. Giving a South sound partner to our friend’s at both Spinurn and SAURs. The intension is to start off earlier in the afternoon with a open circus skill share including unicycles and various props and transition to a fire spinning gathering in the evening. We are thinking of correlating the second of the two gatherings per month with “3rd Thursdays” Tacoma’s local art walkDSC_0023.JPG

Circus StoryTime @ local libraries


Entertainment @ local events

Such as 3rd Thursday’s Art Walk here in Tacoma.


(Open letter to the city of Tacoma regarding fire gatherings below


I am inquiring about the open flame assembly permit(s) for entertainment and special events.

I’m a performer, I’ve been a resident of Tacoma for a little over a year now and am currently a participant of “Spaceworks” (an initiative of the city of Tacoma and pierce county chamber of commerce to assist creative entrepreneurs in starting small business in Tacoma) for my proposed circus & magic enrichment program / performance venue.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with “Spinurn” (a combination of the words spin and burn) a biweekly fire gather at Seattle’s Gasworks park. Events like these however have become popular all over the country and certain areas are embracing them adding the unique and artistic aspect of fire dancing to their cities.

I have visited biweekly gatherings in Long Beach Ca., Culver City, golden gate park in San Francisco, as well as Ashland and Portland Or. and I can say without a doubt there are many more. If Tacoma were willing to permit a similar regularly occurring fire gathering it would not only help expand the fire arts community in the area with a safe space to organize but also become a point of interest that would bring people in from surrounding areas positively affecting our city’s economy!

All of these events have the same basic setup, fuel storage and soaking areas marked and away from any open flames. one safety person with fire retardant blanket per fire performance, no kerosene only white gas and/or lantern fluid, a designated spin off zone, a designated performing zone, fire extinguishers as well as first aid gear, a small participation fee, and the help of many volunteers, also a mandatory safety and guidelines review for all participants at each event.

That being said who would I talk to in order to organize such an event? I understand this type of thing takes time and costs money but I am more than willing to start the process asap and find a public location with no fire hazards were such an event can be permitted and would have a positive impact on the community.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon and further discussing the potential of such gatherings; thank you!

(I’ve attached a link to an article regarding Seattle’s (Spinurn) gathering as well as a link to my performance website for reference below)



Perry Nicholas Petaccia II