Realizing the American dream in a traditional yet unconventional way..
Welcome to The Magic Circus!  

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Who we are?

We facilitate engaging educational programs related to circus arts for children of all ages. We value the cultivation and promotion of a holistic, noncompetitive, and supportive environment to inspire and encourage the creative potential inherent in everybody! We do and teach all things circus for children of all ages. entertain, educating, spreading the arts and growing the community.

Our mission is to be a source of community engagement and outreach increasing the awareness of and participation in circus arts; establishing a unique, assessable recourse and creative atmosphere where students, performers, and patrons can thrive, learn, and have fun. Maintaining a holistic noncompetitive environment for students to learn as well as perform while continually engaging the local community and promote circus arts.


What we do/offer? 

-8oz popcorn cart/machine (We use organic popcorn kernels and also offer kettle corn)

-Large circus style photo booth/selfie stage with props

-Enrichment classes / Workshops. We host a holistic, engaging, non-competitive and fun circus themed enrichment program for children of all ages. Teaching kids to twist balloons, make their own juggling balls they can take home with them, and much more! Our enrichment program facilitates the creative potential of youth in the community in a way that promotes confidence, health, coordination, excitement, and lasting feelings of acceptance and inspiration. Our programs not only enrich children’s lives with a fun and unique way to channel their creative and physical energies but also empowers them in their day to day lives. (Props including)

-Entertainment. We provide a variety of circus skills, object manipulation, and movement arts for roaming or staged entertainment including death defying feats like fire and knife juggling. Including but not limited to led prop performances (Programmable with specific text or images), Unicycle Circus/ vaudeville variety shows, Stilt walking, Multi-prop Fire performances, and more!

-Singing telegrams

-Handmade circus props for sale.

-Tutorials, (check back here soon)

-Community engagement!! (Public Circus arts gatherings and workshops.)

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Great for… unicycle after school programs, or whatever other service you may have that requires my talents. Fundraisers, churches, community events, school programs, parties, corporate events, festivals, religious gatherings, Renaissance fairs, festivals, concerts, raves, variety shows, you name it!!

for private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, charities, nonprofits, and more!!

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or concerns.